Love Macadamia, an initiative by the World Macadamia Organization (WMO), has partnered with Nature’s Basket to bring macadamia nuts to select stores in Delhi and Mumbai. This collaboration aims to increase consumer awareness and accessibility to these delicious and nutritious nuts.

Key Points:

  • Macadamia nuts are now available at select Nature’s Basket stores in Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Sampling and informational activities will be conducted in stores.
  • Registered dietician Nazneen Husein promotes the health benefits of macadamia nuts.
  • Love Macadamia aims to encourage daily consumption of 30 grams of macadamia nuts.

About Love Macadamia:

Love Macadamia is an initiative by the WMO to promote macadamia nut consumption worldwide. They advocate for mindful consumption and the inclusion of macadamia nuts in daily diets.

Love Macadamia India partners with Nature’s Basket; introduces macadamia nuts across
select stores in Delhi and Mumbai
New Delhi, 6th June 2024 – Love Macadamia, an initiative by the World Macadamia Organization to
promote macadamia nuts in India, announces a strategic collaboration with Nature’s Basket. This
partnership will make the marvelous nut, macadamia nuts available in select stores across Delhi and
Mumbai, providing consumers with easy access to their delicious taste and healthy benefits.
Speaking on the collaboration, Mansi Ahuja of Ampro Marketing who represents WMO in India said, “We
are delighted to partner with Nature’s Basket to bring forth the benefits of macadamia nuts to a wider
audience. This is a fantastic opportunity for consumers to discover different ways to incorporate
macadamias into their daily diet, enhancing both flavor and nutrition.”
Sampling & information dissemination activities will be conducted at select stores, providing consumers
with the opportunity to taste and discover the delightful flavors of macadamia nuts. To enhance the instore experience and highlight the promotions, various visual merchandising displays have been put up.
Mr. Sachin Agarwal, COO, Nature’s Basket added “At Nature’s Basket, our goal is to provide our
customers with the highest quality ingredients and enriching culinary experiences. This collaboration with
Love Macadamia, featuring chef and nutritionist workshop and sampling activities, will inspire healthier
eating habits and highlight the delightful versatility and health benefits of macadamia nuts.”
As part of the ongoing strategy, Love Macadamia has onboarded renowned clinical dietician and
nutritionist Nazneen Husein, to promote these marvelous nuts, leveraging her expertise and passion to
raise awareness about the health benefits of incorporating macadamia nuts in daily diets. Nazneen Husein
emphasizes the importance of good fats in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, recommending the
consumption of 30 grams of macadamia nuts every day.
We believe wholeheartedly in the good that macadamias can bring so get ready to bring home the love of
macadamia and share it with your family and friends. Rush to your nearest Nature’s Basket or online
website and order today!
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these marvelous nuts.
About WMO:
Established in 2021, WMO is an independent, not-for-profit body that represents macadamia-growing
countries from across the world. Upholding transparent and collaborative relationships, its activities are
designed to promote macadamia nuts to become an inclusive part of mindful consumption for people