A survey by Scandalous Foods reveals that while there’s a growing interest in healthier dessert options, a whopping 82% of Indians still prefer traditional sweets like Rasmalai after meals. Dinner is the prime time for dessert, and people crave familiar flavors over western options like cakes. There’s also a demand for healthier takes on traditional sweets and vegan options. Scandalous Foods, a company focused on innovative Indian sweets for restaurants, plans to cater to this by offering healthier and fusion variations of traditional favorites.

82% of Indians Prefer Traditional Sweets, Shaping the Future of Post-Meal Indulgence: Scandalous

Foods Survey Unveils Scandalous Foods highlights increased consumer interest in healthier and innovative dessert options.

Dinner emerges as prime time for dessert indulgence, with a strong preference for traditionalsweets over western desserts

Mumbai, 16th May 2024: Scandalous Foods, the pioneering B2B company known for its innovative
approach to Indian sweets for the restaurant and catering industry, today released a comprehensive
survey report titled “Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Indian Sweets: Trends in Post-Meal
Consumption Across India.” The survey aimed to understand dessert preferences among Indian
consumers, particularly focusing on the HoReCa segment.
The report, which encompassed responses from over 1,000 consumers and more than 100 restaurants,
reveals that a staggering 82% of Indians prefer indulging in traditional sweets like Rasmalai and Shahi
Tukda following their meals. This preference stands out significantly against other dessert options such
as chocolates (25%), ice creams (10%), and Western desserts like cakes (20%).
Further insights from the survey indicated that sweets are most commonly enjoyed during dinner or
evening meals, highlighting a cultural tradition of concluding the main meal of the day with a sweet
note. The survey also uncovered a noteworthy trend towards healthier dessert choices, with a growing
demand for desserts that are lower in sugar, utilise healthier ingredients, and cater to specific dietary
preferences, including vegan options.
On special occasions such as festivals, weddings, and corporate events, the inclination towards
traditional Indian sweets intensifies, underscoring their cultural significance in celebratory settings.
Additionally, the survey revealed a burgeoning curiosity among consumers to explore innovative and
fusion variations of traditional sweets, driven by social media influence and a desire for new culinary
Sanket S, Co-Founder of Scandalous Foods, emphasised the strategic focus, saying, “Our latest survey
underscores a clear preference for traditional Indian sweets, which resonates deeply with our heritage
and gastronomic traditions. At Scandalous Foods, we are excited to see such enthusiasm for traditional
sweets, and we are committed to innovating within this space to meet the evolving tastes of our
consumers, including the introduction of healthier and fusion sweets options. Indians appreciate novelty,
but they also value familiarity. Therefore, we’re prioritizing traditional sweets like mithai sundaes, shahi
tukda, jalebi, and rabri.”
As the food industry continues to evolve, Scandalous Foods remains at the forefront, dedicated to
enriching India’s sweets culture and catering to the sophisticated palates of modern consumers.

About Scandalous Foods
Scandalous Foods founded in August 2022 and led by Sanket S, and Pravesh Amin is a pioneering
venture aiming to revolutionize the sweets industry for the restaurant sector. Functioning as a
comprehensive solution for the procurement of Indian sweets, the company envisions making sweets as
commonplace as ice cream in the dining experience. With a commitment to quality and innovation,
Scandalous Foods offers preservative-free sweets with a remarkable 6-month shelf life, available in
convenient single-serve sizes. Currently a B2B company with aspirations for B2B2C and B2C expansion,
Scandalous Foods operates with a focus on cloud kitchens and plans to expand to various food service
segments. In the near future, the brand is set to introduce mithai bars and sachets, catering to
spontaneous indulgence without the guilt.