Australian avocados are making their way to Indian tables for the first time, with cricket icon Brett Lee as the official brand ambassador. This exciting collaboration marks a significant milestone for both the Australian avocado industry and the Indian fresh fruit market.


  • Australian avocados are known for their superior quality, health benefits, and delicious taste.
  • Brett Lee will promote the incorporation of avocados into everyday Indian meals and snacks.
  • The Indian avocado market is growing rapidly, presenting a promising opportunity for Australian producers.
  • Australian avocado production is expected to increase significantly in the coming years, necessitating new export markets like India.
  • Avocados Australia is committed to educating Indian consumers about the health benefits and versatility of avocados.

Challenges and Opportunities:

  • Indian consumers may not be familiar with avocados or how to use them.
  • Avocados Australia acknowledges the need for education and market development in India.

Overall, the launch of Australian avocados in India represents a positive step for both countries. Australian avocados offer a healthy and delicious option for Indian consumers, while the Indian market provides a valuable opportunity for Australian producers.

Australian avocados enter Indian market with Brett Lee as ambassador

New Delhi, India – May 10, 2024 – Avocados Australia Limited, the representative body for the Australian
avocado industry, announced its much-anticipated entry into the Indian market, accompanied by cricket
icon Brett Lee as their esteemed brand ambassador. This exciting collaboration marks a significant
milestone for both Australian avocados and the Indian fresh fruit market. Reputed for their superior quality
and health benefits, Australian avocados are set to give the Indian taste buds an amalgamation of flavour,
texture and nutrition. With Brett Lee as a brand ambassador, this launch aims to introduce a premium and
healthy option to the Indian households, promoting the incorporation of avocados into everyday meals and
The avocado market in India is gaining momentum. Avocado consumption has increased in India, with global
demand also witnessing a significant surge over the past decade. Avocado is a healthy addition to all diets,
and is particularly perfect for those eating vegetarian diets.
The Australian avocado industry is growing rapidly, Australia produced just over 115,385 tonnes of avocados
in 2022/23 and Australian production is forecast to increase strongly over the next few years to
approximately 170,000 tonnes by 2026. In line with this production growth, Aussie growers are committed
to developing new overseas markets such as India. Increased exports will be critical for the future viability of
the Australian avocado industry.

During the launch of Australian avocados in India, Acting Australian High Commissioner to India, Nick
McCaffrey said: “The introduction of Australian avocados to the Indian market signifies a promising
partnership between our nations. It’s a testament to the growing bilateral ties and the potential for further
collaboration in the agricultural sector.”
John Tyas, CEO of Avocados Australia, stressed the significance of the Indian market and outlined the
strategy to enhance the visibility of Australian avocados in India, stating, “we are excited to bring the
exceptional taste and nutritional benefits of Australian avocado to the diverse Indian market. With our focus
on exports and a commitment to quality and service, we are confident that we will establish a robust
presence in India. While competition exists, we believe our emphasis on quality, service, availability
throughout the year and market support will set us apart. Also, with Brett Lee as the brand ambassador, we
are confident that Australian avocados will become a beloved fruit in Indian households, enriching meals and
inspiring culinary creativity.”
“Many consumers in India are not aware of the health benefits of regular avocado consumption nor are they
aware of the wide range of uses this fruit can provide in different cuisines. Our intent is to educate
consumers on both these aspects, we can also help with consumer communication on the best approaches
for fruit ripening and handling.”
“India market access is a great opportunity, however, we have much to learn about this market and it will
take time and effort to develop this market over the coming years,” he added.


The launch of Australian avocados in India marks a significant step in the industry’s global expansion
journey, promising premium quality for Indian consumers.
Australian cricket legend, Brett Lee, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “I am thrilled
to be associated with Australian avocados and with the fruit that embodies the essence of health.
Throughout my journey, I have prioritized nourishing my body with good food, which is why I’m excited to
combine this passion with my deep affinity for India and its rich culture. I look forward to championing the
exceptional taste, quality, and adaptability of Australian avocados both at home and abroad.”

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About Avocados Australia –
Avocados Australia (AAL) is the representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry. We provide
a range of services to our members and the broader industry to foster growth and development. Avocados
Australia is a not-for-profit member-based organisation and our members include avocado growers,
associated businesses and industry people. Avocados Australia seeks to work with all parts of the chain, from
production through to the consumer. By working together, we seek to continually improve the ability of
growers to provide a healthy, profitable and safe product for all consumers.
About Australian avocados:
Australian avocados gained access to the Indian market in November 2023, opening a new avenue for
consumers to enjoy high-quality produce that meets India’s stringent biosecurity and food import
requirements. The industry is committed to delivering premium quality avocados to consumers worldwide.
Grown in the pristine regions of Australia, our avocados are known for their exceptional taste, creamy
texture, and nutritional value. We take pride in offering a versatile ingredient that inspires culinary creativity
and promotes a healthy lifestyle.
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